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recommendations on chess books

Do you know how many chess books were written in the World?  We do not.  However, we know which are the best.  In addition, there are other questions: What chess books are the most appropriate for a certain level?  Which chess books tell you more than many others together?  We studied a great volume of the chess literature.  For this reason we know exactly what chess books to recommend to you - suitable for your level.

You do not buy books just for the reason they are good.  You buy materials to study them and improve your chess.  Therefore, confide in us and save your time and money by studying only the best chess books.

Our recommendations are based on the following criteria:

  • The best chess books for your level - beginner, intermediate or advanced player
  • Chess books that are the best for the opening, strategy, tactics and the endgame
  • How and when a chess book must be read
  • Additionally we give guidance that complements the study of these chess books.

the best chess books

Almost all the chess books are somehow good.  However, a very important factor that increases the book's value for its reader is the reader himself.  For an improved learning you need to study just a few books, but you have to allot sufficient time for each.  Therefore, it is so important to get and read only the best chess books.  Here are the two weightiest instructions you should follow when studying a book:

  • First, study all the key positions, and try to discover on your own the best plans and moves;
  • Do not just skip over what you did not easily understand from the very beginning;
  • Be organized when you study, concentrate on the subject.
This is the serious and best way to study and it will bring you significant improvement.

Select your level and you will get our instructions on the best chess books matching your needs:
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